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Corporate Social Responsibility and Ecosphere

The benefits and potential of CSR are often unnoticed; however, to attain the collaborative growth, while maintaining business strategies and the importance to include the relevant stakeholders in their growth stories, entities must contribute in addressing socio-economic concerns as well. As elaborated above, corporate social responsibility is reflected in our corporate purpose which indicates that the high- standard corporate behaviour towards employees, consumers and society is essential to attain success. We believe that such commitment assists us in achieving sustainable & profitable growth. Ecosphere is committed to:

Protect and improve the environment.

Promote Health, Safety & Hygiene practises at workplace.

Improve employees’ life quality.

Water Management.

Child Labour Prevention.

In addition to the community initiatives, the company has been working with various NGOs on multiple social programs and actively contributes in various projects being undertaken by the above NGOs towards reaching out to the marginalized section of the society, especially in rural area. These programs are subjected to create an environment conducive to people's empowerment, integration of the underprivileged into the mainstream of society, executive people's programme through need-based interventions, etc. With these well-defined efforts we are contributing in:

Maintaining a positive reputation, creating environmental consciousness and so on.