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Grain Management & Storage Systems

Ecosphere India Pvt. Ltd. offers Grain Management & Storage Systems which consist of grain storage silos, material handling equipment, monitoring systems, aeration systems, and automation systems. All these grain storage solutions are designed and manufactured to serve for a long period of time without any hassle.

Ecosphere ™ Silos are designed according to the specifications and standards mentioned below.

Dynamic analysis of the silo structural system is done according to the seismic and soil conditions of the area where the silos will be installed.

Snow load is calculated according to the conditions of the area where the silos will be installed.

Wind load is calculated according to the height of the silo especially for the empty case of silo

Static and dynamic analysis of the silo is done for the case of 25-degree Centigrade temperature change

Static and dynamic analysis of the silo is done according to the vertical and horizontal load of grain.

After designing with CAD-CAM programs, the silos are manufactured with CNC controlled machines.


Ecosphere follows Reliability Centered Design philosophy while designing our Grain Silos for grain management & storage systems. Idea is to design with Right at first-time approach and major focus is on safety of grains inside silo. All grain conditioning systems like Aeration, Ventilation, and Fumigation systems are designed for which silo is to be used. Condition monitoring system is designed in such a way, that operators can easily maintain moisture and relative humidity inside the silo with ease

Ecosphere ™ Silos

The company manufactures silos made of Zincalume® or Stainless Steel certified by the international quality standards ISO 9001. The customer has a wide array of choice to select. Flexibility to choose the base of silo between Hopper bottom and Flat bottom silo. Choice of Diameter size from 5.48 m to 22.85 m. Stores all types of seeds and grains.

Material Handling


Online Weighing System.


Truck Tripper/ Unloading System


Automatic Bagging System.

Sweep Augers.

Pre Cleaner

Installation and Commissioning of Wastewater treatment plants

We have a dedicated team of on-role employees and contract-based employee positioned at various locations for the execution of the Projects. Before the final handover, we make sure that the plant is running properly and reaching the desired standards. Tanks & whole WTP installation and commissioning activities performed at site ensures time-bound project delivery to the clients and hence proves as a cost-effective solution to the WTP Owners. Ecosphere India is a leading wastewater treatment plants manufacturer and has completed many successful installations worldwide. We serve the maximum region of Asia, Africa, UAE, Americas & Europe